Title: I Fink U Freeky
Artist: Die Antwoord
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Die Antwoord - I Fink U Freeky

I have this stupid headcanon for domestic Eruri where they sign baby Eren up for soccer and Levi somehow ends up as a really intense soccer mom dad, complete with the ugly sports jackets and all.


There’s a few things I want to see Levi do before the end of snk
One of them is smile
Another one is Erwin


EB: :B

hey nerd

Lil brat Eren

Taking a break from Eruri to draw my favourite champion vv

Old sketches/doodles I found while cleaning my room ahaha


pros of being pansexual:

  • boys r hot
  • girls r hot
  • non-binary people are hot
  • everyone is hot
  • hot like a tater tot

cons of being pansexual:

  • why is everyone hot
  • ”are you sexually attracted to pans”
  • why is everyone hot
  • "thats not a real thing"
mauriokarts: oh my goodness I love your art wow!!!! do you have any tips for a humble lil artist who's used to drawing on paper and is horrible at digital art?

Ahh thank you!

LAYERS. USE LOTS AND LOTS OF LAYERS. When I first started digital, I didn’t even know that layers were even a thing, so everything I did was just a horrible blurry mess since I had no idea how to separate stuff ; - ;

Reading tutorials and those step by step process things are really helpful too! Get an idea of how other artists work and experiment with applying their techniques to your own art.

Also, tablets can be pretty hard to get the hang of if you’re used to drawing on paper. Play games like Solitaire or something with your tablet, and just use it as much as you can until you feel comfortable with it.

And honestly, just keep trying. I know it’s really cliche but the more you practice at it, the better you’ll get. Personally, I find that with every drawing that I do (digital or traditional), there’s always something I learn from that piece that I can apply to the next time I draw.

Don’t get discouraged though if not every piece is as good as you wanted it to be! Take breaks. Look at the art you made last year or a few months ago and see how much you’ve improved. Art should be something enjoyable, not something to bring you down.

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